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Airsoft Guns Overview Made Easy

Airsoft Guns Overview

The airsoft gun was created in Japan as an answer for the country's banishment on firearms. The imitation firearm hit the market in the late 1970's and took the country's curiosity by storm. Marketed towards kids, companies first produced the replica as a toy. The earliest airsoft guns were spring loaded and fired a single shot requiring a pump with each discharge.

As the popularity soared innovation hit the market. Gas powered replicas took form, and airsoft electric guns shortly thereafter. The airsoft electric gun soon took the form of the most common and best airsoft guns. Observing the popularity overseas, American companies began to import the replica guns to sell in the United States.

Airsoft guns are replica firearms similar to paintball and BB guns, however, they differ in how they look, how they shoot, and how they are used. The best airsoft guns fire projectiles or BBs at a rate of 500 feet per second. A plastic pellet at this speed cannot break glass and often times does not penetrate skin.

A BB gun however fires pellets at 1300 feet per second-a level that most certainly can inflict some damage on a human being. An airsoft electric gun almost identically replicates a real firearm. Based on the model, the best airsoft guns will be the identical weight, carry the same amount of bullets, and have the same color patterns as a real firearm.

If seen in public, the average person would not be able to differentiate between which is the replica and which is real. Paintball guns on the other hand look like imitation guns. They have a skinny barrel and usually a large container attached somewhere where the paint balls are stored. Airsoft guns are also unique because of their versatility, and ability to customize.

Airsoft guns run on 3 different forms of power. Gas fueled airsoft guns are powered through green gases or pressurized HFC-134a, and can mostly be found in pistols or shotguns. The airsoft electric gun is the most common form of replica. It runs on a rechargeable battery and can accommodate any pace of firing. The older models are usually spring operated and require a pump with each discharge. Lastly, the best airsoft guns are custom made, meaning the individual can mix accessories together to full personalize his own gun.

Dissimilar to most replica guns, an airsoft electric gun is fully customizable and has limitless potential to personalize. Scopes, laser sensors, holsters, shoulder straps, and even grenade launcher attachments are all possible with airsoft guns. Mostly every firearm has been replicated and available for purchase as an airsoft electric gun. Modifications can also be made to the parts of the gun, enabling it shoot more accurately or faster.

The airsoft industry has been growing in popularity since its inception in the United states in the mid 90s. Because the replicas are used in Hollywood, for military and law enforcement training, and as a means for recreational use, the popularity doesn't seem to be dissipating any time soon.

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