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Ammunition At A Glance

Ammunition Overview

There is much heated debate regarding the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights in the United States. The opposing sides, those who want gun rights, and those who want gun control, are currently engaged in a battle of political wit and words that has been in a perpetual stalemate since the whole thing began.

Regardless of political allegiance, the fact is that there are rules and regulations currently in place by federal and state laws regarding firearms. This is also expanded to include firearm ammunition as well. The most controversial and often debated types of ammunition are armor piercing bullets and hollow tip or hollow point bullets. Some states have already taken proper measure to prohibit and outlaw armor piercing ammunition.

Hollow points, while not legally barred, as still the subject of debate by people defending the stance that they are safer than ordinary bullets, while those attacking the aspect that they cause more harm when used on people and animals.

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