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Easy Guide to Gun Ban

Gun Ban

In light of legislative attempts to limit the ability for own and use firearms and deadly weapons on the part of Americans, controversy in the American political scene has frequently arisen over the concept of a “gun ban,” according to which all or many guns would be confiscated from the ownership of private American citizens.

During the 2008 Presidential presidential electoral campaign, worries were raised by conservative political activists over the threat, felt to be imminent, of President Obama’s gun ban. Discussion of the gun ban issue has referred to the previous legislation passed under the President Clinton administration comprised of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, also referred to as the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act, with prohibited specified categories of semi-automatic guns from sale to private American citizens.

This gun ban was not passed into permanent effect, however, but instead with a built-in expiration provision, and as such ceased to carry legal effect in 2004. In this sense, no “Obama’s gun ban” law has been carried out or proposed under the Democratic Presidential administration voted in during the 2008 election.

Discussion of the “Obama’s gun ban” concern has generally turned over proposals to carry out more extensive firearm registration than exists at present. In this regard, it has been noted by other commentators that the Supreme Court, as led by Chief Justice John Robert, is generally identified as inclining toward the political right, and as such has typically challenged gun ban attempts, such as those of the District of Columbia.

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