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Gunsmithing At A Glance


Gunsmithing Background

Gunsmithing is a trade which in the United States is placed under the regulatory control of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bureau. In this regard, gunsmiths must be granted the form of licensure consisting of a Federal Firearms license, which will be granted after the applicant in particular has passed through the process of certification by the ATF and has paid the required $200.000 in order to begin practicing as a gunsmith. Gunsmiths are distinguished from armorers.

Gunsmith Jobs

Gunsmithing tools can come from a variety of different professional disciplines, as include metalworking, mechanics, and other areas of expertise which should be obtained by a person looking to secure gunsmith jobs. Gunsmithing jobs might be carried out in the context of a private practice, or they might come in a context such as that of a larger organization like the United States military. Gunsmith jobs might also be available with organizations such as arms suppliers.

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