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Pistol Registration At A Glance

Pistol Registration

The steps associated with pistol registration will vary based on state law. Roughly half the states in America do not require pistol registration, however, those that do will incorporate a fairly lengthy process for pistol registration through the respective sherrif's office or local police department. Registering a pistol will require the gun owner to go to their local police station or sherrif's office to file a registration form.

Registering pistols will require the individual to show the enforcement office their permit for the gun as well as their proof of purchase for the weapon. The pistol registration process will then require a criminal background check to be performed as well as the administration of fingerprints. The individual will then file basic information for verification purposes. The application will then be submitted and held for review. The delivery time of the gun registration will vary based on state law, but in most cases, it will take roughly 6 weeks to be approved for the registration.

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