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Know The Republican Platform

Republican Platform

Since its inception, the Republican party has prided itself on maintaining the individual freedoms of the American citizen. Arguably it's most fundamental principle, Republicans believe that a smaller government with less regulation is the most efficient means to run a country. This political stance does not waver in regards to gun rights.

Generally speaking Republicans believe that every American has the right to own, carry, and use a firearm. Their firm beliefs on gun control can be attributed to three chief ideologies, which revolve around interpretation of the constitution, culture, and philosophy of the party.
Republicans have interpreted the first 10 amendments as the undeniable rights for the individual American. Like the other nine amendments, "the right to bear arms" is included in this interpretation of individual rights. Conservatives pride themselves on their patriotism and upholding the freedoms that act as America's foundation. Changes in sociological behavior have no bearing on the freedoms outlined by the bill of rights.

Republicans feel that Government regulation over firearms is unconstitutional and an infringement on an individual's basic rights. The chief point made by Republicans in congruence with the second amendment-one should always be given the right to protect himself, his family, or his property. This is not to say that Republicans feel as though every citizen in America should own a gun, but instead, a belief that the right should not be altered through government intervention.

The conservative stance on gun control can best be explained through cultural upbringing. Most "red" states are located in the Midwest, bible belt, or deep south of our country. These regions unlike the Northeast, or west coast have fertile grounds for hunting and recreational shooting. Conservatives have long honored the American tradition of hunting and other shooting sports.

The Republican party under George W. Bush consistently fought for the creation of more hunting grounds, and widening access for shooting clinics. The first settlers in America used hunting as a means for survival-without guns people would have starved to death. Destroying this rich tradition of America through government regulation and red tape is un-American.

If the previous two reasons for loose gun control were combined into one broader justification, the Republican ideology would come into form. Conservative philosophy revolves around individual and historical basis points. For many Republicans government policy can become invasive, if it interferes with-a religious occurrence, historical event, our constitutional rights, or a resource that was used to build our foundation.

The restrictions or red tape placed on various sectors of the gun market is a direct violation of two of these three variables. The Republican position on gun control doesn't simply revolve around a fondness for firearms, but instead a fundamental principle to uphold the rights that our nation was built on.

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