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Reform Movements and Ideas Background At A Glance

Reform Movements

The 2007 Virginia Tech shooting has prompted many calls for re-examination of gun reform. The gun reform movement is not limited to attempts to enforce gun control. Some proponents of gun rights argued that the severity of the incident could have been reduced if not for prohibitions preventing individuals from owning guns. The Virginia Tech shootings were just the latest impetus behind the gun reform movement.

The trend within recent American history has been for a renewed push towards gun reform from both liberals and conservatives in the wake of tragedies. These politicians seek to politicize the tragic event in an attempt to pass or repeal legislation with which they do not agree. Liberal politicians are often advocates for tighter gun control legislation. President Bill Clinton supported the passage of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act. This bill, which had support among liberals and some conservatives instituted federal background checks on firearm purchases within the United States. The Brady Bill

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