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Shotgun At A Glance


Shotguns can use several types of ammunition, including shot or slugs. Shot is small pellets and slugs are singular larger pieces of ammunition. Shotguns are held on the shoulder when fired and can be of various sizes.

There are also various types of shotguns, including single-barreled and double barreled. Shotguns can be hand loaded, semi automatic or automatic. Some types of shotguns are generally utilized for recreation, such as hunting or clay shooting. Shotguns may also be used for other purposes, including use by the military.

These guns were considered valuable to the military, as they were very beneficial in close range fighting. The guns were fairly accurate and easy to handle when the enemy was close. More recently however, these guns have been replaced by more modern versions of the rifle, as they tend to be more accurate and easier to handle.

In fact, the gun which was the original form of the modern shotgun, the musket, was frequently used by the military in the eighteenth century. Guns which could be considered a combination shotgun and musket are currently used for riot control in some locations. In fact, many jurisdictions of law enforcement, have one of these guns on hand.

Shotguns can be used for a variety of purposes, as they come in many styles. Those guns which shoot small pellets would likely be used for different purposes that those that utilize slugs. However, either types of ammunition can cause injury and death.

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