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What You Need to Know About Shotgun Sales

Shotgun Sales

Shotgun sales are regulated by the federal government as well as by the jurisdiction where the guns are sold or transferred. Although the government may allow citizens to purchase shotguns for sale, some states may forbid the ownership of certain weapons, such as sawed off shotguns, even when they individual has received a permit from the ATF.

In order to get a permit to purchase a shotgun, individuals must first submit the proper paperwork. They must also take part in shotgun sales from an authorized dealer and one that has an up to date permit to have shotguns for sale.

Individuals wishing to purchase shotguns for sale, must also submit to a thorough background check, including a search for felony convictions, which automatically disqualifies them from gun ownership. The individual must also submit their fingerprints, proof of identification and residency, as well as the required fee. The sale of guns are subject to an excise tax by the federal government.

Once the individual has been approved for gun ownership, the gun dealer may then transfer ownership of that weapon to the buyer. The process for approval or denial can take several months.

Gun dealers are subjected to more intense scrutiny than those that wish to purchase guns. They may be audited to be certain that they have not sold guns without the proper paperwork. In addition, they are subjected to a very intense background check, which is frequently updated.

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