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Georgia Hunting Laws

Georgia Hunting Laws

Georgia offers a unique hunting experience. Georgia hunting is known for rare game opportunities like Alligators and the diverse array of water fowl species found on the Georgia coast and Sea Islands.

Georgia hunting also includes great hunting opportunities for white tailed deer, wild turkey, bobwhite quail, and rabbit. To preserve these Georgia hunting opportunities for generations of hunters to come, the State of Georgia's Department of Natural Resources manages and enforces Georgia's hunting laws, bag limits, seasons, quota hunts on the entire state's 90 different Wildlife Management Areas.

There is a Georgia Wildlife Management Area within an hour's drive from every resident of Georgia. Hunting in Georgia is a privilege to all hunters as long hunters follow the law, they will retain this privilege. All hunters must have licenses in order to engage in the activity of hunting in Georgia.

There are many different hunting licenses in Georgia. Each type of license designates the type of animal hunted and the duration of the period of validity. The price of a Georgia hunting license is more expensive for non-residents than residents of Georgia.

The state of Georgia requires that anyone seeking to purchase a Georgia hunting license must provide proof that the hunter has taken a hunter safety course. The only exception to this rule is the hunter apprentice license, which is valid for three days and the apprentice hunter must be supervised by a licensed hunter. There are three different durations of validity of Georgia hunting licenses: Annual, 2 year, and lifetime. The types of Georgia hunting licenses are listed below:

Alligator Hunting License: This license is only valid during alligator hunting season. Each hunter is allowed to kill one Alligator. A legal alligator must be greater than or equal to 48 inches in length as measured from the tip of the snout to the tip of the tail. The length indicates sexual maturity which increases the chances that the animals have mated. Alligators may be trapped; immediately upon capture, the alligator must be killed with a handgun or a sharp object to detach the spine. Alligators may be used for their meat.

Dog Deer Hunting License: These licenses permit hunting of deer with the aid of a Dog. This is a common hunting practice in the south of Georgia. Anyone over the age of 16 must get this license to hunt deer with dogs. This license only applies to the hunting of deer with dogs. Dogs can be used legally without a special permit while hunting small game species in Georgia.

Deer Harvest Record: Although technically not a license, all deer hunters must carry this while hunting regardless of age. These come with any Georgia Big came license.

Regular Hunting License: This type of license covers most hunting of small game hunting in Georgia.

Big Game Hunting License: This type of license covers most hunting of deer, bears, and wild turkey.

Migratory Bird Hunting permit is required for any hunter who hunts migratory birds such as doves, ducks, geese, woodcock, snipe, coots, rails, or gallinules. These permits are available free of charge.

Federal Duck Stamp: all hunters of waterfowl must purchase a federal duck stamp at a US post office to legally hunt migrant ducks.
Georgia hunting licenses are issued free of charge to any hunter who is over 65 years old.

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