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Louisiana Hunting Laws

Louisiana Hunting Laws

According to Louisiana law, hunters are required to purchase licenses prior to taking any actions against animals. In addition, all persons hunting migratory game birds must be HIP certified. In order to qualify for a resident license, you must have resided in the state of Louisiana continuously during the 12 months immediately prior to the date of application for any license.

Qualifications include being a registered voter in Louisiana, licensed to drive there, and filed income taxes in the state. Individuals born on or after September 1, 1969 must present proof of completion of a Hunter Safety course approved by LDWF to purchase a license.

Youth under the age of 16, however, may hunt without a certificate if they are accompanied by one adult 18 years of age or older. If that adult has certification, a valid hunting license, or proof of completion of a hunter safety course, then that requirement is waived for youths younger than 16 years of age. Be advised that there are a slew of hunting fees, most of which increase a great deal depending upon whether you are a resident or not. For a lifetime license alone for a nonresident versus a resident, it's the difference between $3000 and $500.

Louisiana hunting lands, themselves, maintain stict regulations. These are called WMA's or Wildlife Management Areas. Citizens are warned that upon entrance, they may be subjected to license checks, inspections, and searches. Hunters cannot set foot upon the lands any earlier than 4 a.m. unless otherwise communicated, they must check out daily, and exit the WMA's no later than 2 hours after sunset.

Lands within WMA boundaries possess the same seasons and regulations connected to baiting and use of dogs as WMA within which lands are enclosed. Private lands, however, have the option to hunt according to the seasonal dates and hunting regulations applicable to the geographic area the lands are located in. Burning of the marsh is prohibited as well as hunting it.

Free ranging livestock is prohibited also. In terms of Deer Seasons, they are for legal buck deer only unless otherwise specified. Small game, when certified under the WMA regulations may include resident game animals and birds as well as migratory species. In terms of firearms used, Louisiana does have distinct gun laws.

Though you do not need to register or have a permit or license to own or carry rifles and shotguns, you must possess a permit to carry handguns. If you are a convicted felon, a national of a country whom the United States is at war with, or a person under the age of 17, it is unlawful for you to possess a firearm.

The exception exists for the youth under the age of 17 who is attending a hunter's safety or firearms safety course, engaging in practice use of a firearm or target shooting at an established range, or hunting/trapping with a valid license. Possession of firearms while traveling to and from any of the above-mentioned is also allowed. Knowledge of these gun laws and the regulations of Louisiana and its hunting lands is vital to a safe hunting experience.

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