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Nebraska Hunting Laws

Nebraska Hunting Laws

When one is trying to obtain a Nebraska hunting license, there are several steps they must follow. The process can not begin until the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission become involved. There are safety measures that must be taken. Nebraska wants to be certain that anyone with a Nebraska hunting license has taken the proper precautions and is knowledgeable about hunting.

While many Nebraska hunting laws are the same as other states, there is a difference. Anyone applying for a Nebraska hunting license must enroll in their local Firearm Hunter Education program before they can obtain a Nebraska hunting license. This strict Nebraska law imposes individuals to complete the program and become certified before being able to legally hunt. A non-resident is also allowed to hunt as long as they have their own certification from their home state. Every hunter must have their certification papers with them at all times when hunting.

In terms of laws for Nebraska hunting regarding age, a 12-year-old child is allowed to go hunting as long as a 19-year-old certified individual is with them. It is illegal for 12 years old to hunt larger animals such as bears and deer. Birds and smaller animals are allowed for younger children to hunt according to Nebraska hunting laws. A fairly standard rule in most states in that a hunter can only hunt between sunrise and sunset. However, Nebraska hunting licenses, as well as many other states, do not have the same restrictions on smaller animals.

The type of permit or license one tries to obtain for their Nebraska hunting license can vary depending on what type of animals they wish to hunt. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has extensive information on their website about the type of Nebraska hunting licenses that are available, as well as the fees. As long as one can prove certification, they can buy the Nebraska hunting permit of their choice on the Internet. Permits can also be bought at gun stores. As with any state, any individual who lends their Nebraska hunting license to another person can be legally punished, along with the individual using the Nebraska hunting license.

Since the list of Nebraska rules involving hunting is extensive, as with any state, one should familiarize themselves with Nebraska hunting laws before they use they obtain and use their Nebraska hunting license.

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