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New Hampshire Hunting Laws

New Hampshire Hunting Laws

As in any state, there are hunting guidelines that must be followed to participate in the New Hampshire hunting experience. While there are many complicated and specific hunting guidelines in New Hampshire, many guidelines relating to New Hampshire hunting are common in other states as well.

Age matters when it comes to what type of New Hampshire hunting license one should apply for. If an individual is 16 or older, then they need to apply for a general hunting license. According to New Hampshire hunting guidelines, minors need to purchase several licenses in order to be able to hunt.

The four licenses that minors are required to get are a Brood Stock Salmon license, a Special Deer Archery license, a Turkey license, a Bear license, and a Unit M Special Deer Tag. If the minor is not a New Hampshire resident, then hunting guidelines specify that the minor must obtain a Muzzleloader license in addition to the others licenses for minors.

Hunting guidelines require that individuals take a typical safety course that most states also require. Once they have, individuals can purchase their New Hampshire hunting licenses on the Internet. There are several hunting licenses that one is unable to purchase on the Internet. The licenses that one cannot buy on the Internet are a permanent licenses such as Lifetime, Over Age 68, Disabled Veteran and Paraplegic.

New Hampshire hunting guidelines specify that those must be purchased at the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. Licenses that can be purchased on the Internet are referred to as secondary licenses, according to the New Hampshire hunting guidelines.

Other New Hampshire hunting guidelines involving the Internet have to due with timing. After the year 2000, An individual must have obtained a New Hampshire hunting license in or after the year 2000. New Hampshire hunting guidelines take special care when it comes to fishing. Most states do not require a hunting license to fish, but even non-residents who only want to fish for a day need a special Temporary 1-Day Fishing license before they are allowed to fish. They are allowed to take any freshwater fish out of the water except for the Atlantic Salmon Brood Stock.

Most types of guns do not have to be registered in New Hampshire. As a state, one must only need their gun to be registered if they carry it in their car. Cities in New Hampshire may have different rules and regulations when it comes to buying and registering a gun. However, New Hampshire law eliminated many of those small rules, except when it comes to hunting. Hunting must only take place in designated areas. States laws must be followed when it comes to New Hampshire hunting.

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