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New York Hunting Laws

New York Hunting Laws

New York hunting is one of the most popular forms of wildlife recreation in the empire state. In New York a hunter is offered a wide variety of wildlife to trap, including bears, turkeys, deer and more. Most of New York hunting grounds are private which keep them easy to regulate.

Additionally New York hunting can be conducted in Wildlife Management Areas, some parks, and on property that is owned by a New York citizen with permission of the proper individuals. About seven hundred thousand New York residence and fifty thousand tourists hunt on state grounds throughout each year. Each hunter is required to report their harvest, or the animals that they have caught.

Hunting regulation helps to not only preserve the wildlife, but to also provide support to the wildlife conservation of the state, and also provide economic relief to the the state of New York. This support is given economically by fees associated with the New York hunting licenses, taxes, ammunition fees, and federal aid for the Wildlife restoration program.

Providing a New York hunting license is the responsibility of the Department of Environmental conservation. The goal of this department is to regulate the supply and demand of the wildlife, and to regulate how people hunt. This is extremely important because the taking of too many animals can lead to their demise. Additionally this department uses the funds received when people acquire a New York hunting license to gather data and statistics needed for effective wildlife research and restoration.

A New York hunting license is given through three sub divisions or departments known as the Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources, and the Division of Forest Protection. This division of authority keeps New York hunting regulated and organized. Much like the breakdown of government, this keeps the checks and balances of hunting in the state.

A New York hunting licence can be given in different forms including; recreational marine, fishing, hunting, trapping, hunting, lifetime sporting, and patriot plan sporting.

A special New York hunting license is given in the event that a hunter is requesting the use of a hunting guide, or they are attempting to trap a very rare or almost extinct animal. For example when a hunter desires a guide, or someone who shows or instructs hunters to fish and hunt certain things. This is usually used by tourists who do not know the regulations of the state or those that are hunting for the first time. This department is regulated by the New York state Forest Rangers, and a New York hunting licence is issued by them as well.

In the case of special hunting circumstances like black bear hunting, crocodile hunting, or any dead endangered species, a special New York hunting license is needed. Additionally New York hunting laws require those needing a license to liberate fish or wildlife, a falconry license, dangerous wildlife license, or others a special license is issued as well. The regulations of New York hunting are extensive and with good reason.

Hunting is done as recreation, however it is important to the wildlife, as well as the citizens of New York that it not be abused. The requirement of a New York hunting license makes it hard for people to abuse these laws.

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