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North Carolina Hunting Laws

North Carolina Hunting Laws

North Carolina hunting offers some exciting and unique opportunities to hunt in the state. Many residents and tourists hunt much of the wild life including, bears, deer, wild boar, turkeys, wild turkey, squirrels, birds, migratory birds, swans, and other excited wildlife. Mainly people are regulated by the the North Carolina wildlife Resources Commission. Many of the hunting laws of the state regulate the amount of a specific animal that can be hunted.

North Carolina honors all Federal hunting laws that override state laws. Mainly this is in respect to migratory birds, and other federally controlled wildlife. Hunting laws in North Carolina prohibit any person from taking migratory birds with the use of any shot gun bigger than a ten gauge, which includes;rifles, swivel guns, shot guns and more. North Carolina hunting prohibits that hunters conceal any migratory bird in a car, boat, under water device, or aircraft. North Carolina law also prohibits the use of any animal sounds or calls for commercial use or to the benefit of any human.

A hunter may not take a bird or game that exists within a baiting zone or a place which will attract other wildlife. Additionally game and migratory birds are not allowed to be captured during off seasons or periods in which a person has reached their bag limits.

Hunting laws require every hunter keep a bag limit of all they hunt which limits the amount that they hunt each day. One of the rarest of the birds is the Swan. This waterfowl can not be hunted by everyone. In North Carolina hunting drawings are done at random and hunters are only allowed to hunt one single swan ever in their life.These laws protect the animals from being coerced into unlawful hunting in the state.

Hunting laws on big game like bears, deer, boar, turkeys, etc... are a little more lenient but not much more. North Carolina hunting prohibits any the taking of any cubs or female bears with cubs. The use of bait to coerce bears is prohibited as well, including, salt licks, grain, fruit, sugar, sugar based products or materials, small animals, or animal parts. Additionally hunting laws prohibit that hunters place any food next to an area where bears are frequently resting that may be processed with any of these ingredients.

The most important of the bear restrictions is hunting on on bear sanctuaries. Each county in North Carolina houses a sanctuary for these animals. Bears are only allowed to be hunted during hunting season that includes both Western and Eastern season. Deer are another animal regulated within North Carolina hunting.

North Carlina only permits that up to six deer are hunted at a time, which creates another bag limit within hunting laws of the state. Hunting laws outline specific seasons when it is permitted to hunt these wild animals, including; Eastern, Central, Northwestern, and western deer seasons. They are each broken down by gun, bow and arrow, and muzzle loader.

Hunting laws in North Carolina are used to solely regulate the extinction of the animals. Although it is a sport widely used by citizens within the state and abroad, it is more important that the animal be the main focus over the human hunter themselves.

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