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North Dakota Hunting Laws

North Dakota Hunting Laws

North Dakota hunting is a recreational activity that many residence as well as non-residence engage in every year. Many people interested in hunting move to North Dakota to hunt a wide variety of animals. Hunting in North Dakota is extremely popular and offers one of the widest ranges of animals when compared to other states in the United States.

Hunters can seek big game such as,deer, pronghorn, moose,elk, big horn sheep, mountain lions, prairie dogs, rabbits,skunks, gophers, coyote, and fox. Hunting in North Dakota for small game like,grouse, drove, crane, pheasant, snipe, woodchuck, squirrel, and Hungarian Partridge is engaged in frequently as well. Some waterfowl are allowed to be hunted in the state like, geese, duck, coots, mergansers, and swan.

Each category in North Dakota law on hunting offers specific laws and regulations to each. Generally speaking hunting in North Dakota is regulated through a series of different licenses and education courses. People born after nineteen sixty one need to complete a certified hunter education course and show a proof of education certificate in order to receive a licence to participate in North Dakota hunting. People born during or before nineteen sixty one do not need to attend this education course, however, they may have to go through other procedures when trying to hunt in anther states.

These two laws are specifically for those that are residence of North Dakota. Those that were not born before nineteen sixty one, haven't completed a certified hunter education course, and are under the age of sixteen may be issued an apprentice hunter validation. An apprentice hunter validation is only issued for one year, and allows the hunter to hunt small game and deer when joined by an adult. North Dakota hunting is regulated in a way that ensures the safety of the person hunting and those around them. If a young hunter does not know the proper way to hunt, they can hurt someone around them.

North Dakota hunting requires a specific license for a fish, hunting, and forbear certifications that cost one dollar, small game licences that are six dollars, and small game and habitat licenses for residents of the state. Non residents are required to pay more.

Hunting in North Dakota requires that residents pay additional fees if they seek combination licenses that cost about thirty two dollars all together. Fees also exist for those that wish to purchase crane permits, pronghorn bow licenses, youth pronghorn bow licenses, deer bow licenses and more. North Dakota hunting is very regulated so that the game and fish department know what is being hunted. Hunting in North Dakota for big game offers an opportunity for the hunter to donate to the homeless through the sportsmen hunger program.

This program offers the opportunity to join North Dakotas poverty fighting program. This aspect of the game and fish department showcases that North Dakota hunting is used both as recreation and a means to fight poverty. The safety of both the animals and people are very important in North Dakota.

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