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Ohio Hunting Laws

Ohio Hunting Laws

Ohio hunting offers an opportunity to for residence and non residence to engage in meaningful recreation with friends and family. Ohio hunting encourages all to explore the wildlife, however they do have specific regulations. Unless otherwise indicated people are allowed to hunt game using longbow, crossbow, or any caliber handgun, shot gun or airgun. It is important that the gun is not above a ten gauge.

Game birds are not allowed to be taken by trapping in Ohio hunting. Ohio also prohibits the use of electronic bird callers when hunting migratory birds who not central to a specifics state and therefore are protected under federal law. The same goes for wild turkey, deer and waterfowl.

Ohio hunting laws prohibit the use of a beam or light thrust toward any animal during the hunting process. This regulation keeps both the hunter safe when hunting game. Long bows and cross bows may be used to catch legal game, and during youth deer season, deer gun season, and muzzle season, all hunters must wear orange hunter gear including coveralls, coats, jackets etc.

Ohio hunting prohibits the use of poisonous or explosive arrows that promote animal cruelty. Many organizations exist in Ohio that allow hunters to share the bounty. This division of Ohio hunting is dedicated to feeding the needy through an organization called FHFH (farmers and hunters feeding the hungry).

An Ohio hunting license is necessary in order to hunt any game, and fishing. Ohio hunting license regulations require a hunter to fill out a temporary kill tag to the carcass of the killed animal that should be placed in the protective license holder.

The protective license holder is used to place the Ohio hunting license in at all times, and is not provided by the wildlife commission. The Ohio division of wildlife suggest that hunters carry licenses and permits in a protective pouch, or laminate them. Those not carrying their Ohio hunting license are not allowed to hunt but are allowed to carry the weapon in a concealed fashion.

Ohio hunting is one of the only states that encourages women to get out and hunt. They way they do this is by providing a program called Becoming and Outdoor Woman which offers courses in various aspects of hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities.The specific aspects taught are shooting sports, hunting sports, bird watching, and more.

This program is offered on both a national and state wide level, and allows an industry usually offered to men now open to women. Ohio hunting as a whole is a great recreational activity that comes with an even greater responsibility.

All hunters are required to make their Ohio hunting license visible at all times which will decrease the chance that anyone will be engaging in unlawful activity. The state of Ohio does an excellent job of protecting their wildlife and allowing people to engage in hunting and fishing as sports.

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