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Oklahoma Hunting Laws

Oklahoma Hunting Laws

The Oklahoma hunting license is extremely important to the hunting experience in the state. Oklahoma does not receive state or federal tax money to support fish or wildlife.

Controlled hunts are conducted in the state in order to control a hunt that may be unsafe to do unsupervised, or if the Oklahoma hunting land that is sought after is inhabited by more animals than usual. Many time An Oklahoma hunting license given for a controlled hunt is given at random and is very limited. This makes the controlled hunt something highly applied for and competitive.

The categories for a controlled hunt include elk, antelope, deer, youth deer,raccoon, turkey, and quail hunts. The Oklahoma hunting license is used to fund the wildlife conservation of the state, as well as managing fishing and game across the state. There are over seven hundred places across the state that are licensed to sell a Oklahoma State license.

These places include, sports shops, bait shops, convenient stores, online, and by calling the wildlife hot-line. There is a three dollar convenience fee for purchasing a license online instead of purchasing it in one of the land locations. An Oklahoma hunting license is specific in price and description.

The Blue River Passport License requires that a hunter fish in an Oklahoma hunting land located on the Blue River. This license costs twenty one dollars. Unless a person possesses a combination or annual hunting and fishing license they are restricted to this specific area.

The Annual Hunting and Fishing License is issued to residence that are between the ages of eighteen and sixty four. This license costs forty two dollars. Individuals with this license are allowed to hunt all legal Oklahoma hunting land. The Waterfowl license is issued to all that are hunting migratory waterfowl.

The Waterfowl license costs ten dollars, lasts only for a year and can be renewed at full price The Residential Elk License is given to those who hunt elk. This license is valid for only one elk and costs fifty one dollars to purchase. HIP is a license that is free but mandatory for all bird hunters and is used by those between the age of sixteen and sixty five.

The HIP is the known as the Harvest Information Permit and the only people exempt from obtaining this are those that are hunting on their property. A Residential Land Access licence costs forty dollars and is specific to the Oklahoma hunting land of Honobia Creek or the Three Rivers. Additionally, The 2010 NR Land Access License used for the same Oklahoma hunting land, is needed for non residents and costs eighty five dollars to obtain.

More expensive licenses are required in the state of Oklahoma when a hunter wants to hunt a bear, deer, turkey, fur, or elk when a hunter is a non resident. In fact, the NR or non resident regulations can cost anywhere from one hundred to three hundred dollars to obtain. In Oklahoma, since the Oklahoma hunting license funds all recreation and sport regarding their wildlife, the regulations for visitors are much higher.

The wildlife in Oklahoma is sought after often making the demand higher and thus the cost for non residence extremely high. Certain areas in Oklahoma are treated more important than others, however all of the hunting land is great.

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