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Pennsylvania Hunting Laws

Pennsylvania Hunting Laws

Pennsylvania hunting is regulated by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. The mission of this entity is to ensure that all wildlife species are protected and hunted in a legal manner. Pennsylvania offers a diverse selection of wildlife to hunt and also offers fishing on the Lake Erie.

The wildlife in the state of Pennsylvania is among the most diverse in the nation, and offers and abundance of activities for hunters and alike. Pennsylvania hunting of black bears is regulated within the state so that allow manually operated center-fire firearms, handguns, shotguns, with all lead bullets and or ball that are designed to expand on impact. It is important that these rifles are used to stay within regulation of Pennsylvania hunting laws.

Muzzle loads are allowed, as well as longbows. Specifically bow hunters must use arrows with broad heads to ensure that they expand on entry. Automatic and semi-automatic weapons are not allowed in the state of Pennsylvania. Additionally, any sight altering devices such as light devices are not permitted under Pennsylvania law.

Pennsylvania licensing types are different and vary depending on what is being hunted. Adult hunting licenses are offered to residence of Pennsylvania between the ages of seventeen and sixty four.

This type of Pennsylvania hunting license can be used to hunt general game and birds that are not associated with any particular regulation. Junior residential licenses are issued to those who are under the age of seventeen and require that they are accompanied by an adult. These individual hunters must have completed a hunter-trapper education course and offer the opportunity to receive a combination license.

Combination licenses are given granting children the opportunity to engage in archery, muzzle shooting, and grant hunting. Pennsylvania hunting license regulations make specific license for archery, muzzle loading, bow hunting, and non residence. Non residence have to pay a higher fee to obtain a Pennsylvania hunting license. Additionally license for bear hunting and second spring gobbler seasons are acquired by a certain date and are higher for non residence than for residence of Pennsylvania.

The Resident DMAP Harvest Permit is a license that can be used for both general or combination hunting, and offers specific versions of itself for antler less deer, and alike. This same license for non residence is double in the price. A special Pennsylvania hunting license is know as one that requires a special drawing to obtain. This is used when hunters are searching for elk, or bobcats. Both are a Pennsylvania hunting license that allows only one of these animals are caught a year by the chosen hunters.

Pennsylvania hunting laws operate according to licensing and regulation. It is important to the state as a whole that they preserve the wildlife at all costs. To help protect wildlife hunters can first comply with the hunting laws of the state, and second volunteer to spread awareness about the crimes committed on wildlife. Additionally, when hunting people could report any unlawful hunting practices seen. It is the mission of the Pennsylvania Game Commission to protect the wildlife at all costs.

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