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What Are BB Guns

Bb Guns

BB guns are those guns which fire small metal pellets. BB guns are also sometimes called pellet guns, although a distinction can be made between the two. BB guns are airguns which shoot small metal balls and these guns are frequently used for hunting small animals, such as squirrels and are they also used in target practice.

A BB gun is usually made of steel but can be rather light. In fact, most BB guns can easily be handled by individuals of any size and strength, as they are easy to shoot and have very low recoil. However, there are rifle style BB guns and pellet guns, which may be more powerful and difficult to handle.

Both BB guns and pellet guns are often used simply for recreational purposes. Although a regular BB gun may be be used for hunting large game, a rifle style BB gun is often used to hunt small game. There are specific laws in each state as to which animals may be hunted with a BB gun or a pellet gun. There are also laws which govern the age of an individual that is allowed to operate a BB gun.

BB guns come in many styles and may fire different types of ammunition. For target practice, some individuals may select plastic BBs rather than the more expensive metal ones. In fact, the metal pellets can be quite dangerous for those that are not familiar with a BB gun and individuals should first use plastic BBs for target practice, before moving onto the metal BBs.

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