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Quick Overview of Machine Gun

Machine Gun

Machine guns are fully automatic weapons which continue to reload automatically as the shooter holds down the trigger. Machines guns can be continuously fired for minutes, up to several hours, depending on the type of cooling system built into the gun.

Sub machine gun

Ownership of sub machine guns in the United States is regulated by both Federal and state laws. In order to legally possess a sub machine gun, according to federal law, individuals must have a gun ownership permit and they must have registered that gun prior to 1986. However, the individual must also comply with state laws which regulate guns and may prohibit ownership, even when the gun is registered with the Federal government.

Toy machine guns

There have been several attempts to ban toy machine guns because they are often mistaken for the real thing. In addition to children that are thought to be carrying real weapons, criminals also carry the replicas and use them to commit crimes.

Light machine gun vs. Heavy machine gun

Heavy machine guns are those which were manufactured during World War I. The guns were quite cumbersome and fired high caliber ammunition. Light machine guns on the other hand, are able to be operated by a single soldier, user a lower caliber ammunition and can be portable.

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