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What Are Weapons Used For


Weapons are considered any implement which can be used to defend oneself and/or inflict injury on another. In addition, the perception of a weapon, such as hand in ones pocket meant to look like a gun, can carry the same criminal charges as the presence of an actual weapon. Criminal charges for weapons vary in each justification, as do ownership rules and regulations. According to the National firearms act however, all firearms must be registered with the federal government.

There are lethal weapons and non lethal weapons. Traditional weapons include spears, guns and knives. However, every day objects can also be used as weapons, such as baseball bats and heavy or blunt objects.

Traditionally, weapons were used for hunting. There were a variety of handmade weapons which could be used on certain types of game, such as spears and bows and arrows. Weapons were also utilized for defense and as an offense, in order to steal property.

Weapons are now utilized for crime control, such as officers pointing a gun at a suspect to get them to drop their weapon before they inflict harm on any person. Weapons are often used to commit crimes and gain victim compliance by using a threat of a weapons, or by using the weapon.

There are federal and local laws which govern the type of weapon that individuals may own. No individual that has a felony conviction may own a firearm in the United States. In addition, each state sets out specific requirements for weapon ownership, including the type of weapons allowed.

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