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Wyoming Hunting Laws

Wyoming Hunting Laws

Compared to most states, Wyoming is quite lenient regarding their laws for hunting. The requirements and regulations are of minimal standards are much below other states which benefits and makes things less stressful when either applying to hunt, or whether you are on the hunting ground itself. Below are Wyoming law and regulations which need to be known in order to perform the act of hunting within the state of Wyoming.

In order to qualify for a Wyoming hunting license, one must have resided in Wyoming for a full year following the date the application was filed. One must not claim residency in any other state during the one year of claimed residency in Wyoming.

Based upon employment, education, or vacation out of the state, residence is maintainable as long as their leave is not long-term. The minimum age to hunt in the State of Wyoming is twelve years. On the other hand, no person born prior to January 1, 1966 may apply for any sort of hunting license within the state of Wyoming. This limits one to being able to take wildlife solely off the land of his/her own family, by the use of a firearms.

Sportsman who are licensed to hunt in Wyoming hunters must purchase a single conservation stamp, a $10 value, which will be valid for one calendar year. The stamp must contain an ink signature and also must be handy while engaged in their hunt.

There is a lifetime conservation stamp available for $150. The following are exceptions do not need an annual conservation stamp: Pioneer license holders, resident or non-resident daily game bird/small license holders, and resident of state institutions.

During special archery hunting seasons, without obtaining an archery license as well as having a hunting license, one shall not hunt big or trophy game with a bow and arrow or a crossbow. During this season, it is unlawful to have possession of a firearm while hunting. No special archery license is required in order to hunt game birds or small game, but the proper hunting license for the species being hunted is a requirement.

A Check station is designed for hunters to stop by and report their findings or any information felt obligated to communicate. Check stations are conveniently located at entrances and exits of hunting grounds, no need to stop at one unless it is on your route.

Wyoming hunting clothing requirements are created in order to ensure safety when out on the grounds. Whether big game, or small game, there is always a possibility of an accident when initially coming into contact with fellow hunters who may not be aware of your presence. A fluorescent orange color is mandatory when wearing a hate, coat, jacket, shirt, and or a vest when on the hunting grounds. The exceptions are during special archery seasons or areas specified strictly for archers.

There are certain actions which the state of Wyoming deems illegal, whether it is to protect other individuals, or to protect the interest of various entities.. One is not allowed to shoot or attempt to kill any wildlife within the proximity of any public areas, there must be a fence in between, being the dividing factor.

The taking of any game animal for another person; or the bartering of any edible portions of an animal. As far as dogs are concerned, Title 23 suggests that dogs are only allowed to be used to hunt bobcats or mountain lions.

The use of any vehicle in order to pursue any wildlife is prohibited, except for predatory animals. Meat from big game wildlife is all that can be abandoned, one is not allowed to intentionally or needlessly let any game animal go to waste. It is a violation of Federal Law to transport illegally taken wildlife across state lines.

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